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Made in the USA
Penco has been building lockers for decades that last for decades, and the Vanguard line is the embodiment of what it takes to withstand the daily use typically given to a locker.What you see first is the baked powdercoat enamel finish, which is applied over a phosphatized smooth steel surface.


300-inv_lockers1-8Invincible II lockers come in a variety of styles: single tier, double tier, and 3 tier all have as standard the Classic III stainless steel recessed handle.




All Welded

Penco All-Welded lockers are shipped completely assembled. All components are welded together at the factory prior to being painted with a durable baked-on enamel finish. Doors have a full-length continuous hinge. Locker groups up to 54″ wide can be shipped as units, reducing on site installation time to a minimum.



K.D. Stadium® Locker

Penco Stadium® lockers have an open front and perforated sides providing a fully ventilated space for storage of athletic gear or other items. The base model is an open shell with a full width shelf. A security box fastened to the shelf and a foot locker with a hinged, reinforced seat at the base are popular options. They are available in 24″ or 33″ widths and 18″, 21″ or 24″ depths. K.D. Stadium lockers are 72″ high.










Single Tier

most popular and widely used locker offers maximum space for full hanging of clothing and other belongings. Each locker has a convenient shelf for storage of books, hats or other small articles. Lockers 18″ deep or more come with a coat rod in addition to coat hooks

Double Tier
Accommodates twice as many people as single tier lockers in the same floor space, while still providing enough room for light outer wear and personal belongings.

Multiple Tier Box Lockers 3 Tier | 4 Tier | 5 Tier | 6 Tier
Also known as “box lockers” for their compact dimensions, Penco multiple tier lockers allow numerous users in the smallest amount of floor space. They are available in 3, 4, 5 and 6 tier configurations. These lockers are ideal for storage of athletic gear or employee personal storage. Each compartment can be locked with padlocks or built-in locks.


Angle iron

Lockers are built in groups with the top, bottom and back panels spanning multiple lockers, which reduces seams and adds rigidity.

Options and Accessories:

  • Multiple handle/latch types
  • Continuous Slope Hoods
  • Padlocks and builtin locks
  • Optional 4″ high 14 guage welded base
  • Optional expanded metal sides