Fire Proof Cabinets

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Nobody has to tell you that highly important, sometimes sensitive information gets stored in office storage cabinets and files. Yet, unfortunately, the fact is, successfully protecting this valuable data will take more than simply locks and keys. That’s why you need FireKing. FireKing products come in a wide range of styles and sizes, but what they all have in common is the ability to help you protect what matters. From fireproof filing cabinets to specialty safes, our office products provide the protection that your important information needs. Don’t be surprised by a devastating fire, flood or other tragedy! By protecting your assets properly, you’ll be able to store them with confidence.

To learn the UL Classification, sample files are subjected to the following tests:

Explosion Hazard Test: A file is placed in a preheated 2,000 degree furnace for 30 minutes to ensure gasses do not build up inside that may result in an explosion.
Fire Endurance Test: A file is placed in a 1,700 degree furnace for a one hour period while the interior temperature is monitored via thermocouples, ensuring that interior temperatures do not exceed 350 degrees.

Fire & Impact Test: (Only performed on files that carry the “Fire & Impact” rating). A file is placed in a furnace preheated to 1,550 degrees for 30 minutes. The file is then removed from the oven, raised 30 feet and dropped over a bed of rocks and rubble to simulate the effect of collapsing floors and ceilings. The file is then inverted and reheated to 1,550 degrees for an additional half hour. Only after this abuse and constant monitoring of the file’s interior drawer temperature to ensure it never reaches the 350 degree threshhold, has a file successfully completed this test.

To learn more about Underwriters Laboratories and the UL mark that appears on our insulated products, feel free to visit their web site.