Local Tech Company requires multiple storage solutions.

As with may projects – the conversation starts months before quotes and drawings are needed. Marathon Business prides itself on providing the highest quality of service throughout the entire process. We have been working in Southern California for years and understand where we can make the biggest impact for the contract office furniture dealers and commercial designers.

  • Drawings – We provide 2D and 3D drawings that are presentation ready
  • Quick Quotes – We provide same day or next day general quotes
  • Specification Support – We provide specifications that are bid package ready
  • Weight Load and Space Consulting – Storage requires specific space and weight tolerances. We will meet you at the site and share our experience and knowledge with you on how to successfully include a High Density Storage Solution.

This project included: Modular Casework Lockers, High Density Mobile, Secure Storage Cabinets and Wire Racking

“I’ve never worked with a more thorough, communicative, helpful and detailed partner. From the beginning of this project ages ago to completion, you have hit every mark and we thank you. I will look forward to working together on many projects and will recommend you to my colleagues without hesitation.”