High Density Conversion Can Save Money

This office converted from electric assist to mechanical assist for their high density shelving and was able to extend the life of their original investment made 30 years ago.

Companies often think they need to remove their older equipment and replace with new.

That is not always the case.

High Density Shelving carriages and tracks are built to last. The part that can fail after decades of use is the electrical components that assist the movement of the carriages.

This client is perfect example of how we were able to remove the electrical components and replace it with the hand crank (mechanical assist). The mechanical assist takes very little effort to move the carriage so there was little to no effect to the actual access the client required during the business day.

Instead of paying upwards of $100k for a new system, they paid a fraction of that and quickly continued business as usual. The downtime was considerably less and they were able to extend their original investment made decades ago.